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Why Choose Cyprus?

Whether you are looking for Cyprus property investment opportunities, a holiday home for the family or thinking of making a more permanent move, Cyprus is the place to be.

English is spoken everywhere, the people are friendly and now that Cyprus is in the EU. Brits can live, work and own Cyprus Properties freely in the southern part. You can still purchase excellent standard Cyprus Properties at affordable prices.

As Cyprus is so renowned for its yearly average of 320 days of sunshine, you may be surprised to find that there is also the potential for skiing on Mount Olympus, from December through until March.

Living costs are about two-thirds less than in a comparable European Country
The climate means excellent investment opportunities with rentals possible for a much longer period as people leave behind the British winters in favor of much warmer climes.

The island is served by all the major airlines, linking it to the four corners of the world through its international airports in Larnaca and Paphos.  Approximate journey times from the airports to your new home should be relatively short due to the excellent roads on the island. It also helps that in Cyprus they drive on the left.

Cyprus has some of the most up to date telecommunications in the world, and is one of the cheapest in Europe. Cytanet is the main telecommunications company in Cyprus and can provide you with residential, business & mobile connection. Due to the superb telecommunications network, the island is an established offshore business center.

Medicine & Health
Cyprus has excellent  medical & health care facilities. The cost of medical treatment in government hospitals is very low. There are a large number of private clinics.  Those wishing to consult doctors privately will find a wide choice of competent doctors, specialists and surgeons practicing on the island.

Crime rate
Cyprus has a very low crime rate, this is a great comfort to foreign buyers for whom security has become a key element in the property world. Visitors are invariably surprised and reassured by this relaxed aspect of life on the island, for crime is virtually unheard of.

Banking practices closely follow the British pattern. The banks are open between the hours of 08.15 - 12.30 Monday to Friday, throughout the year, with the exception of Cyprus public bank holidays. Many international banks are represented now in Cyprus
. The currency is the Cyprus pound (CYP), which is made of 100 cents to the pound. But as from 1st January 2008, the Euro will be the official currency of Cyprus.

There are both junior and secondary schools of an extremely high standard. You will find that most follow the English curriculums & use the same exam boards as in the UK. The average cost of sending a child to private school is approx CYŁ2,800 -CYŁ3,600 per year, compared to the UK this is extremely reasonable. There is also no reason why children can not go to Greek schools, however, you must take into account the language barrier.